AllProALLPRO ® Corporation, formed in 1960, is the oldest, and most complete buying, selling, marketing, and training and technical services group serving the paint, paint sundry and decorating products industry. ALLPRO ® serves over 260 member and affiliate companies who collectively represent over 1,300 storefronts in the United States, Bermuda, Canada, Ireland and Mexico. The economic benefit of purchasing through the exclusive ALLPRO ® buying group gives us the ability to obtain the best possible prices from our suppliers...and of course, we pass those savings on to you, our valued customer.

If you are looking for the highest quality painting supplies ALLPRO ® and City Paints have you covered!



Corona Brushes

Corona BrushCorona BrushCorona Brushes carefully craft their brushes and rollers to meet not just their high standards, but also yours. For Corona, quality means taking pride in what we create. It's an old-fashioned concept, but one that has guaranteed Corona Brush’s customers the finest tools for 80 years. Corona Brushes’ pay the sharpest attention to detail as they hand construct all of their professional paintbrushes. With the right amount of stock, taper, and their own hand formed, soft-flagged edge, Corona Brushes insure smooth, even, fast coverage time and time again.

Corona Professional Brushes use only the finest components in its Paint Brushes:

  • Hardwood Handles
  • Stainless Steel Ferrules
  • Reinforced, Deep Epoxy Settings
  • Fine Flagg Tips

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DAPDAPThe DAP trademark is a signature for products immediately recognized for their quality and leadership. It is a powerful signal to generations of do-it-yourselfers and professional tradespeople who chose and use DAP products with the utmost confidence. This awareness, acceptance, purchase preference, and overall user satisfaction for DAP products is anchored by our family of America's Number 1 Selling products for caulking and sealants. DAP is great for all your home caulking needs.


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Elder & Jenks

Getting the job done right is all about having the proper tools.  Painting is no different.  For over 200 years, Elder & Jenks have engineered brushes and rollers capable of outperforming anything on the market.

If your painting requires the absolute highest quality, as for Elder & Jenks

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Hyde ToolsHyde Tools is into its second century of service to American industry and the home handyman. To the uninitiated, the variety of uses for Hyde products is astonishing. In fact, if it's made of paper, cloth, plastic, leather or rubber, chances are a Hyde blade was involved in its manufacture. Likewise, Hyde helps harvest and process a wide variety of food products around the world. The diamond wheel industry relies on Hyde for the steel centers used to make their product run straight and true.

The essence of Hyde's success is concentrating on what it knows best; laser cutting, blanking, heat treating, grinding and polishing steel. The standards that Isaac Hyde established in the 1870's still hold true today: Make the best possible product from the most appropriate steel and try every day to improve on yesterday's best. Day after day, in every product, Hyde gives America the edge it needs

City Paints carries a complete line of HYDE Tools – For a better finish, start with HYDE Tools!

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Norton Abrasives

norton_banner.jpgNorton AbrasivesNorton provides the products and advice to help you through your sanding, grinding and cutting projects. As a manufacturer for more than a century Norton has the solution to your project needs.

Purcell's Paint carries a complete line of quality Norton abrasives for every sanding and finishing application. From sanding sponges, drywall sanding pole sheets, to metal and wood sanding applications, Purcell's Paint has the Norton Abrasive Product you need for your next renovation or sanding project.


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Purdy Brushes

Purdy BrushesPurdy BrushesPurdy produces only the highest quality painting tools. Purdy’s meticulously handcrafted brushes and high-quality roller covers have been the choice of professionals for over 75 years. You might ask, "Aren't all brushes and rollers the same?" No, they are not. Each Purdy brush is an individually built instrument designed, formulated, and handcrafted for maximum painting performance. Purdy’s attention to detail in the manufacturing processes makes Purdy brushes the industry standard among paint tool manufacturers. Standard Paint carries the entire line of Purdy Brushes.

The material Purdy uses in their roller covers is superb because they work closely with their suppliers to ensure they use only the finest fabrics available. The high-quality fibers used in Purdy covers do not mat down and hold a lot of paint, allowing pick up and release of the paint in an even fashion.

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Shur-LineSHUR-LINE has a long history of offering innovative solutions for the do-it-yourself consumer. Founded in 1944, operating from the second story of a movie theatre in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the Touchett brothers perfected the paint roller for home use. Rolling off a makeshift assembly line, this was the first slip-on roller cover available on the market, making paint rollers accessible to homeowners for the first time. Originally named EZ Paintr, the company was recognized as the first to introduce the concept of do-it-yourself painting.

Today, SHUR-LINE continues the tradition of innovation with breakthrough technology such as the use of Teflon® surface protector on painting tools. SHUR-LINE strives to offer do-it-yourself consumers unique and superior painting solutions.


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