Insl-X Paint

Insl-x Primers and Specialty Coatings

For over 70 years Insl-x Products has been providing the finest in Specialty Problem Solving Paints, Varnishes and Industrial Coatings. Insl-x is a leading manufacturer of Architectural Specialty Primers, Masonry Coatings, Garage Floor Paints, Cabinet Finishes, Pool Paints, Industrial Epoxies , Industrial Enamels and Urethanes, Moisture Cured Systems, Lead Encapsulating Paints, Freezer Coatings and More….

At City Paint you can choose from a large collection of special stain killing & bonding primers. Our cabinet finishes, garage floor coatings and tough enamels will keep your home looking great and protected for many years. If you have a pool, Insl-x pool paints are renowned for their performance durability.

Featured Products at City Paint include:

  • Insl-X Primers
  • Insl-X Pool Paint
  • Garage Floor Finishes
  • Athletic Tennis Court Systems
  • Traffic Paint